and ease our soul and spirit, with daily acts of balance and grace


Blessed New Year to one and all. The feelings of a brand new year can often bring renewed optimism even to a bruised world. We all need to keep positive with forward thinking views, along with a massive dose of much needed hope and prayers. With the pandemic still lingering, it is my hope that we at Latasha’s Kitchen exist to help you in feeding, nourishing and supporting those you love and care about.

Now, let’s welcome 2021

I love going to the markets because in every season there’s a magical transition to look forward to. From earth’s fresh and colourful nutrient-dense fruit and veggies to beautiful local handmade Australian produce, made by crafty hands belonging to passionate Australian artisan makers. Don’t forget too, the delectable and fresh local farmed meats, poultry, eggs, goat and seafood, grown and harvested by our hard working farmers and their families. Truly we live and are surrounded by, bountiful foods. Every time we sit down for a meal with our loved ones, we must not forget what a treat and privilege it is to consume locally grown and harvested goods. With that in mind, whether you’re still in lockdown or back in busy work, school or training mode, I’d love to show you a few ideas for feeding the family with nutritiously good, honest food.

Salads and bbqs are on the menu, friends!

As the weather warms, salads come into clearer focus. You can’t help it; you see all those fresh veggies stacked up so nicely and you want to make something delicious. I have this wonderful recipe for a Thai Salad which is reminiscent of an Indonesian Gado Gado. You can literally add whatever you have on hand, pile everything up on a platter and dress with the delectable sauce. It uses my Chilli Oil and, would you believe, my Thai Massaman Curry Paste. Yes, on a salad! The base is sunflower oil and sesame oil, and it gives a warm kick to your recipes without having to add fresh or dried chillies. You can use it with Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese noodle dishes and even on scrambled eggs.

Glazed Balsamic & Beetroot Reduction is a superstar when you need to add depth of flavour, a little shine and some rich colour. It’s sweet and syrupy and goes so well with goat’s cheese and lentil patties and you might also like to try it in a homemade lamb wrap. Another brilliant dressing is my Caramelised Apple Cider Vinegar which works with sweet and savoury dishes and is incredible as a glaze for a lamb roast. Drizzle a little over this Veggie Haloumi Salad or have a go at making Lemongrass Chicken with Caramelised ACV. Not only is it nutritious but it’s easy and super tasty.

Curries are good at any time of year even in Summer!  Lighter recipes do the trick, like Southeast Asian ones that feature fresh meats, vegetables, herbs and even fruits!  My Malaysian Satay Paste could become your best friend this year. It’s so versatile that you can do much more than whip up some Chicken Satays on the barbecue. Experiment with it as a marinade for a butterflied chicken, blend it with some coconut cream to make a dip for spring rolls or create a light tofu curry to serve with jasmine rice.

Remember, I also have a Low FODMAP-certified Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce and a Low FODMAP-certified Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce.These simmer sauces can be used as base flavours for all sorts of creations you decide upon.

Be inspired by the blog

The Latasha’s Kitchen blog is like a buffet of tasty information, recipes, stories and updates. I love sharing what I know and even better, I love hearing back from my customers in response. Check out our 4 tasty videos – we had so much fun creating these for you.

Come by and say hi

Fortunately, in WA we’re able to get out and about, and my team and I have been so glad to get back to our market stalls. Keep an eye on my Events page so you can come along and say hello. We always love meeting everyone!

Thank you for your support, it means the world

People in every corner of the world have adjusted to a new culture of kindness and compassion, helping each other and supporting businesses. This strange and tumultuous period has helped many of us focus on what really matters, on a much deeper and connected level.

For us here at Latasha’s Kitchen, it has meant that we continue to focus on our existing customers, by supporting and offering what we do, as best we can.

Taking what we have all been through into account, let’s embrace 2021 with fond and warm greetings for abundance and goodness to flow through in everything we do, hope and pray for.