and looking after those nearest and dearest.


Reach out to someone with a bowl of something tasty.

Hooray for spring and the feelings it brings of newness, freshness and optimism! Goodness knows we all need to keep looking forward, with the pandemic still lingering. Latasha’s Kitchen exists to help you in feeding, nourishing and supporting those you love and care about. I may be a businesswoman who is always keeping an eye out for smart opportunities to thrive and survive, but I’m also a mother, a friend, a confidant and a community minded woman.

Every September, R U OK? Day reminds us all to check on those we care about. Mental health is so important. Sometimes people don’t necessarily want to talk but just knowing someone cares can be monumental. This is where food plays such a wonderful role. Kindness, compassion and caring can all be imparted with a simple plate of good, tasty food.

The time-honoured tradition of delivering a casserole or a pasta bake to an unwell neighbour or sharing some home-baked cookies in an aged care home are fine examples of food as caring. Handing around fresh sandwiches and fruit to volunteers in times of natural disaster and serving up scones and tea to people in emergency bushfire accommodation do more than fill spaces in bellies.

This spring, may I gently urge you to be aware of those who may be lonely or hurting, and break the ice of silence with a bowl of nourishing dhal or a lovely biriyani dish. Doing anything, no matter how insignificant, could mean the world.

Now, let’s welcome spring

I love going to the markets in spring because it’s like there’s been a magical transition from hearty winter fruits and vegies to lovely, light, spring fruits and vegies. Asparagus is always a welcome sight. Oh, and don’t forget delectable spring lamb! It’s such a treat to sit down with the family to a beautiful roast lamb shoulder, isn’t it? Whether you’re still in lockdown or back in busy work and school mode, I’d love to show you a few ideas for feeding the family and putting smiles on dials.

Salads are back, friends!

As the weather warms, salads come into clearer focus. You can’t help it; you see all those fresh vegies stacked up so nicely and you want to make something delicious. I have this wonderful recipe for a Thai Salad which is reminiscent of an Indonesian Gado Gado. You can literally add whatever you have on hand, pile everything up on a platter and dress with the delectable sauce. It uses my Chilli Oil and, would you believe, my Thai Massaman Curry Paste. Yes, on a salad! The base is sunflower oil and sesame oil and it gives a warm kick to your recipes without having to add fresh or dried chillies. You can use it with Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese noodle dishes and even on scrambled eggs.

Glazed Balsamic & Beetroot Reduction is a superstar when you need to add depth of flavour, a little shine and some rich colour. It’s sweet and syrupy and goes so well with goat’s cheese and lentil patties and you might also like to try it in a homemade lamb wrap. Another brilliant dressing is my Caramelised Apple Cider Vinegar which works with sweet and savoury dishes and is incredible as a glaze for a lamb roast. Drizzle a little over this Vegie Haloumi Salad or have a go at making Lemongrass Chicken with Caramelised ACV. Not only is it nutritious but it’s easy and super tasty.

Curries are good at any time of year. In spring, lighter recipes do the trick, like Southeast Asian ones that feature fresh spring meats and vegetables. My Malaysian Satay Paste could become your best friend this year. It’s so versatile that you can do much more than whip up some Chicken Satays on the barbecue. Experiment with it as a marinade for a butterflied chicken, blend it with some coconut cream to make a dip for spring rolls or create a light tofu curry to serve with jasmine rice.

When you’re in the mood for Indian, my Coriander Curry Paste makes a fabulous Curried Chicken Pie! Or even a simple Coriander Potato & Peas Curry. A Korma always goes down a treat with the whole family. It’s light on heat but big on flavour and can be used for a Slow Cooked Korma Leg of Lamb (substitute beef or goat) and a divine Coconut Pork Korma. I like to get creative and if you do too, you’ll love my Stuffed Sweet Potato with Tandoori Chickpeas.

For a really quick meal, take a jar of one of my Simmer Sauces, fry your choice of protein or vegies, pour over your preferred sauce, add water, cream or coconut cream and gently simmer. It’s amazing how much flavour you can pack into a meal in so little time. Here’s an idea for you; it’s my Quick & Tasty Simmer (Curried Greens Style). Remember, I also have a Low FODMAP-certified Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce and a Low FODMAP-certified Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce.

Be inspired by the blog

The Latasha’s Kitchen blog is like a buffet of tasty information, recipes, stories and updates. I love sharing what I know and even better, I love hearing back from my customers in response. I’ve talked about what makes humble moong beans so special, told stories about my lovely neighbours and introduced my very clever digital marketing geniuses, Big Head Digital.

Put those pie and sausage roll makers to good use!

It seems electrical pie makers and sausage roll makers are everywhere and I certainly hope they get a good workout. Gimmicky appliances sometimes get relegated to the back of the cupboard but if you have some scrumptious, easy recipes to use, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Check out my Pot Crazy Pies page which links to several pie recipes that you can easily make in your new gadget.

Come by and say hi

Fortunately, in WA we’re able to get out and about and my team and I have been so glad to get back to our market stalls. Keep an eye on my Events page so you can come along and say hello. We always love meeting everyone!

Thank you for your support, it means the world

If you’ve ever bought a single Latasha’s Kitchen product, I’d like to extend my thanks. Supporting Australian businesses is absolutely vital for our economy and supporting a small, local business is so appreciated by all those who work hard to deliver quality products and services. I’ve been fortunate enough to have won many fine food awards over the years and while I am always so chuffed to receive them, nothing comes close to the feedback I get from happy customers and the gratification that comes from seeing the same names pop up again and again on orders.

Thank you from the bottom of my happy heart.