Autumn – a kinder, gentler season

… and the world has begun to heal


The vaccine has arrived, and life is feeling more normal every day. But ‘normal’ isn’t really the word. Life in COVID times has changed so many things. I always like to look for silver linings and I feel that we have all become more connected in a deeper way. Since travel has been so restricted, we’ve all been spending so much more time ‘in our own backyard’, in the literal sense and in the broader travel sense. Families and friends are talking more and even those who are far away from each other are communicating more thanks to a combination of technology and having more time on our hands. Something I’ve found very heartening is that consumers have turned, in a big way, to supporting local businesses whenever possible.

How we each go about our day changed during COVID, as we all looked for different ways to cope. Even early morning runs or swims, or quiet time walking with a favourite podcast or meditation in our ears had to be foregone during lockdown. Others, such as frontline workers had (and still have) a daily list of huge responsibilities, trying to keep it all together while fighting stress, anxiety and exhaustion. And let’s not forget the parents who were diligently home-schooling children. Everybody handles difficult times in their own way, and it’s so important to be kind.

Refocusing on home cooking
COVID really got us cooking more! The wonderful Jamie Oliver turned his attention to cooking at home and making the most of whatever you have. He even filmed Keep Cooking and Carry On with a smartphone and enlisted his wife and children to help. New social media stars with amazing home cooking tips have emerged and existing YouTube channels such as those featuring American and European grandmothers really blew up with popularity!

People have rediscovered preserving, baking and even fermenting foods at home and this trend has touched all ages.

Thank heavens for food to be there for us as a comfort, as nourishment, as a way to bring people together and as a way to show care and support. Doing what we can, no matter how small the effort can result in bringing a sparkle to someone close, to friends who are battling, to a lonely neighbour or to the larger community.

I’d love to know if you received any food kindnesses during COVID. Or perhaps you were the wonderful giver of a gift of food. Please email and let me know.

Opening very soon! Latasha’s Kitchen North Perth store

Very close to my heart is my very special project, opening my new retail store. After a couple of unexpected setbacks and lots of hard work, we’re drawing very near to opening day and I can’t wait!

I’ll be announcing the opening very soon and I do hope you will drop in for a chat and a taste of whatever’s on offer. Come in and say hi, meet other customers and learn something new.

Latasha’s Kitchen
40 Angove Street
North Perth WA 6006
Tel: 6186 6237

Drop by for a hot takeaway meal, some family meals from the freezer to heat and serve at home, or to taste and buy your favourite Latasha’s Kitchen products. I’ll also be running cooking classes there. Looking forward to seeing you!

View the website here or follow us on our dedicated Facebook and Instagram channels for the latest updates.

Easter gifts on the hop

Autumn is the season for Easter and even if you’re not of the Christian faith, it’s a lovely time – not hot, not cold – to get together with family and friends on a long weekend. If you’re looking for Easter gift ideas for the foodie in your life that don’t involve chocolate, I’d love to suggest one of my beautiful hampers, delivered anywhere in Australia. Or perhaps a Latasha’s Kitchen gift voucher? For a gift recipient who lives in Perth, a voucher for a cooking class is a lovely idea.

Seafood ideas for your Easter table
No matter who or how many you’re feeding this Easter, whether you’re entertaining at home or having a picnic out in the open, I have lots of tasty suggestions to tempt you. This time of year is particularly popular for seafood and you’ll find plenty of seafood recipes on my website.

Prawns are such a favourite for get-togethers so take a look at my King Prawn Skewers with Chilli Mayo, a lip-smacking dish you can cook on the barbie. Otherwise, for a fruity slant that’ll have everyone asking for the recipe, have a go at my Chicken Drumettes with Caramelised ACV or Thai Massaman Pineapple Fried Rice. Delish!

Head down to your seafood market and see if you can pick up a nice piece of snapper to make my Turmeric Snapper Curry with Greens. It’s surprisingly easy and your guests will think you ordered in. Alternatively, you can make this tamarind-laced Homestyle Seafood Keralan Coconut Fish meal with snapper, kingfish, swordfish, cod, red emperor or barramundi.

Get your hands on a fresh mud crab and try my Fijian Crab Curry. It’s SO delicious, you won’t forget it quickly!

So here we are in Autumn and I do hope it will be a lovely season for you. Let’s look ahead to the world healing from COVID and getting back to being able to move around more freely. Happy Easter and take care.

With love, Latasha