Cook good honest food

with your family and friends, whether you’re a novice or professional cook.

Latasha’s Kitchen range of concentrated products enable you to cook and share good, honest food made using homestyle recipes.

We are totally dedicated to the art of cooking using traditional methods and techniques and have created a collection made with real ingredients that can be enjoyed by everyone seeking quality food. Each line is meticulously produced without any nasties while suiting a variety of health concerns such as those with dairy intolerances, nut allergies and people requiring low sodium diets.

Owner Latasha Menon’s premium range are strongly influenced by the flavours of South-east Asia, Regional India and Australia and are made with fresh vegetables, fruits, herbs, whole spices and various nuts that are nutritious, gluten free, and suitable for Coeliacs. While the majority of our products are vegetarian, a handful will only suit those that allow for pescatarian ingredients such as gf shrimp paste and gf fish sauce. Almost half our range are also naturally vegan. Two lines endorsed by Fodmap Australia are available for those that follow a low Fodmap diet.

With over 15 years of restaurant cooking, catering, teaching and recipe development under her belt, Latasha was inspired to create her collection by the many communities around the world with various dietary needs and health issues that want to continue to cook, feed and eat good whole foods.

Now, more than ever, we are delighted to be able to bring more people together through our flavoursome products made with a healthy dose of love, care and attention thrown into the cooking pot. Thank you for sharing the journey and we look forward to connecting with you wherever you are.