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Any time’s a good time for a home cooked meal.

Every year, Spring is a welcome surprise. People seem to be in a happier mood and the markets are brimming with new season fruits and veggies. Somehow, everything seems brighter and fresher and for me, I always find it an extra creative time. The new warmth on the breeze is rich with possibilities! Here at Latasha’s Kitchen, we’ve been busy warming things up too.

Help in the kitchen

No matter how well-equipped your kitchen with its super-quiet dishwasher, inverter microwave, pyrolytic oven and other fancy gadgets, sometimes the help you really need is inspiration. Whether your fridge is fully loaded or nearly as bare as Mother Hubbard’s cupboard, if you have a Latasha’s Kitchen product lurking in your pantry, you’ll have a fabulous starting point for a nourishing, satisfying and thoroughly delicious meal. It’s as simple as thinking: Protein + Veggie + Latasha’s Kitchen.

One of the features of Latasha’s Indian curry pastes, Southeast Asian curry pastes, simmer sauces, chutneys, dressings, spice mixes and relishes that stands them apart from other ranges is that they contain no fillers, no preservatives, no added water and no ‘junk’. That means you only pay for good, honest, natural ingredients and you can always count on maximum flavour intensity. Dial the flavour up or down to your desired taste!

What’s new?

You may have tried other simmer sauces but if you haven’t tried Latasha’s Kitchen Simmer Sauces, you are in for a treat! They’re deeper in flavour and richer in consistency and are made with only 100% natural, market-fresh ingredients, the kind you’d find if you were browsing the markets of India, Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand. Choose from Malaysian Satay, Tikka Masala, Indonesian Turmeric, Thai Green, Thai Massaman and Buttery Spicy Satay. All you need is a protein like chicken, beef or seafood and some veggies – or just veggies, if you prefer – and you can garnish your scrumptious meal with the suggestions on the back of the jar. There are even Low FODMAP Simmer Sauces.

A swag of medals!

I can’t express just how excited I was when Latasha’s Kitchen won a huge swag of medals – 24 in total – at the Royal Agricultural Society of WA 2019 Perth Royal Food Awards, Pantry Foods category! That’s five Gold, eight Silver and 11 Bronze awards, plus we took out the prestigious Most Successful Exhibitor Award. Such recognition doesn’t just make my heart swell, it also sends a very clear message about the quality and flavour of the range. You can discover which products received medals here.

We’d love to meet you!

If you’d like to meet Latasha and the team, the Events page is updated regularly with information on where they’ll be. It could be a farmers’ market, a food expo, an in-store tasting or an agricultural show. Be sure to introduce yourself!

Check what’s cooking on the blog

We regularly add interesting content to our blog so we can keep you updated on new products and inspire you to expand your cooking repertoire. Our resident Dietitian, Clemency Nicholson writes educational posts about food and Latasha herself tells wonderful stories about home cooking and exotic ingredients she grew up with in Malaysia.

Recipes for all tastes

Our recipe collection continues to expand and features ideas for healthy meals, indulgent dishes and dietary considerations.

Take lunch or dinner outdoors with these irresistible BBQ and Grilling recipes and browse through our cocktail food recipes for when you’re next entertaining. We have ideas for quick and easy meals, vegan dishes and even some lush desserts using Latasha’s Kitchen Cherry Chocolate Dessert Sauce. Or, try something African, Indonesian, Goan or Singaporean out on your dinner guests!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, get your hands on some new season lamb and take a look at this video recipe of Slow Roast Lamb with Orange, Chimichurri & Jalapeno Relish.

If you’re new to Latasha’s Kitchen, we invite you to look around and you’ll find that all our products are Australian made and certified gluten and wheat free, and most are naturally suitable for vegetarians, vegans and pescatarians. For those of you who have returned for more ideas or to purchase again, welcome back and thanks for your continued support!