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Any time’s a good time for a home cooked meal.

Love it or shy away from it, Summer is here! I know some people really come alive during these warmer months and they revel in the humidity. Others feel like closing themselves in their air conditioned homes and only venturing outside to other air conditioned venues. Either way, sunshine and blue skies can only make for inspirational days and how we eat usually reflects what’s going on outdoors. Here at Latasha’s Kitchen, we’re ready with easy and nutritionally dense cooking and food prep ideas that the whole family will enjoy.

Summer: Quick, easy, fresh and light

Big, stodgy meals are on the way out as we head into Summer, to be replaced by casual outdoor barbecues, lovely fresh salads and fun foods like burgers and noodles.

What we all definitely want is to not be at the stove for any longer than we need to be. A little bit of prep is fine but if the stove can do the work that takes time, we’re all much happier. That’s where my Simmer Sauces come into play. All you have to do is brown some chicken, lamb, beef or tofu – or even just sauté some vegetables – then add a jar of your preferred Simmer Sauce, some water or coconut milk and let it simmer for 20 minutes. Serving suggestions and instructions are on every jar.

Whip up a simple Malaysian Satay chicken, a Thai Massaman beef dish or take your pick from others in the range.

My Asian concentrated pastes are a sure-fire way to guarantee loads of flavour at mealtimes. Once you try a homemade Rendang or Singapore Curry Laksa, you’ll never bother with Uber Eats again. By the way, you only need one tablespoon of concentrate to feed two people!

Salad days and burger nights

Stretch your imagination beyond iceberg lettuce, cucumber slices and tomato wedges and add some Latasha’s Kitchen magic. When entertaining, my Green Chimichurri Mango Prawn Salad will be very well received by guests and it’s so easy to make! If you have a bottle of Caramelised Apple Cider Vinegar in your pantry, you’ll find yourself using it every day. It goes so beautifully on this Pear & Blue Cheese Salad, in which you can substitute the pears for Summer stone fruits if you like.

We adore the simplicity of burgers in the Summer months. They’re kind of like glorified sandwiches in that you can put whatever you like between the bread. But where burgers shine is they’re the perfect vessel for hot meats and veggies straight off the barbie. Lamb Tandoori Burgers will spice up your picnic and these Zingy Fish Burgers are flavoured with Zingy Tomato Chutney and lovely fresh yoghurt. Keep a jar of Jalapeno Onion Relish or Beetroot & Horseradish Relish around and your burgers will never be so good without them!

All-natural ingredients, allergen considerations

Nothing is more important to me than making sure that every product I offer is of the highest quality. I only ever use 100% natural ingredients and add no fillers, artificial preservatives, bulking agents, citric acid, colours or MSG. Aside from being healthier that way, it also means exceptional value for you because you’re not paying for ingredients designed to ‘stretch out’ the quantities or water them down.

So many people these days are either avoiding certain foods out of choice or because they have to for their health’s sake. Did you know that every Latasha’s Kitchen product is gluten free? Not only Coeliacs, but vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians and those with allergies to nuts and dairy, and those on a FODMAP dietary plan can all enjoy our products. You’ll find dietary icons next to every description on the website so you’ll always know what’s good for you.

Turmeric Spice Magic scores another win!

When I was blending the ingredients for Turmeric Spice Magic, I had a hunch it would be a winner. Customers love it for its versatility and amazing aromas and flavours. I’m proud to say it just won the Champion Award at the Australian Food Awards (AFA) at Melbourne Showgrounds.

The AFA is Australia’s leading food awards program. It celebrates excellence and recognises the best food producers in Australia. The competition had a record number of entries this year and from this, 14 Champion Food Awards were presented. Western Australia won 3 of these, an impressive effort from our remote state.

I’m really proud to have wowed the judging panel with a Gold Medal and Best in Class Medal, before ultimately winning the Australian Champion Trophy Award for Pantry Goods with our Turmeric Spice Magic. It is a true must-have for every pantry in Australia.

Say hi! (In person or online.)

Don’t be shy, we’d love to meet you and hear about what you’re cooking at home. Do you have any unusual ways of using Latasha’s Kitchen products? Are you a whizz with meal prep? Are you sneaking vegetables into your family’s meals without them catching on?

Keep an eye on the Events page to find out where we’ll be and come along to meet us in person. We go to farmer’s markets and makers’ markets and we often pop up in shopping centres. Otherwise, drop us a line at [email protected] and share your tips and stories. We might even feature them on our blog or social media!

Hey good lookin’, find out what’s cookin’

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When you just can’t think what to make for dinner, head to our Recipes page where you’ll be met with hundreds of choices. You can even search from a vast list of categories like Pasta, Salmon, Vegetables and Asian Greens.

Celebrate Summer with your just desserts

Change things up a bit at Christmas with my Cherry Chocolate Pavlova with Cherry Choc Cream. It’s the most divine variation on pavlova and you really must try it out on your gang this festive season, or for Australia Day get-togethers. Or, my Pear Upside Down Cake could be the trick, served with vanilla ice cream. Switch the pear for pineapple if you prefer.

Is this your first time here? Are you a Latasha’s connoisseur? No matter who you are, if you’re looking for good, honest, Australian made food products that cater to most people’s dietary requirements, we’re here for you. Welcome, and we hope you find exactly what will satisfy your very individual tastebuds.