8 July 2023 By

Winter is always a time for enjoying those ‘home and hearth’ moments, when it’s nice to be home, in your PJs and slippers, with a lovely meal in front of you.

For a special treat, my Spicy Baked Lamb Moussaka features a Greece + India fusion. And I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve heard from customers saying that my Butter Chicken Lasagne is a firm family favourite. You must try it!

Air fryer enthusiasts, you can easily make a delicious meal by creating a marinade with any of my concentrated curry pastes (or Turmeric Spice Magic) and either natural yoghurt or coconut cream. If it’s too runny, thicken with chickpea flour or cornflour. You can use this idea for vegie dishes (pumpkin, cauliflower, potatoes, etc.) or with a protein such as tofu, fish, lamb, or chicken. You only need about a teaspoon of paste to whip up a finger-licking marinade.

Pull out the slow cooker, throw in a few ingredients and look forward to coming home to an enriching bowl of food … and an aromatic kitchen. Try Thai Red Pumpkin Soup, Massaman Lamb & Potato Curry, or Madras Sausage & Lentil Curry.

Whip up a cheap and cheerful dessert of Caramelised Bananas with Apple Cider Vinegar, or some seriously good and really easy Cherry Chocolate Brownies. Warmed and served with double cream, they’re incredibly decadent.

Keep your pantry well stocked with Latasha’s Kitchen products for inspiration. Pick a protein, a carb (rice, naan, pasta, potatoes), and a veg, and you have the makings of a brilliant winter meal!