Jalapeno Onion Relish

Coeliac EndorsedDairy FreeGluten FreeNut FreeVegan

Sweet and refreshing! It’s delicious spread over toasts, crackers, buttered biscuits with cream cheese, bacon or ham. Use as an accompaniment to hot and cold entrees and mains. Works well as a dressing in rolls, burgers, wraps and sandwiches. Consider as a filling or use it to spice up any number of cocktail platters. It also makes a great marinade.

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The Process

When we arrive in the kitchen early in the morning, we’re greeted by our delivery of fresh ingredients from the markets including fresh Australian parsley, herbs, onions, capsicum and lemons.

We start by washing and chopping the firm ripe Australian grown fresh jalapenos. Sometimes we get a delivery of mainly green jalapenos with not a single red in sight and on other occasions much to Latasha’s delight they get a mix which means they will be in for a surprise at tasting time. The onions are cut fresh into rings.

We add sugar, mustard, pepper and spices to a large stainless steel pot with the onions and the mixture is cooked on a low heat over an hour until it caramelises. Next the chopped jalapeno and green capsicum is added and we hand turn the mix to ensure even colour. When the right texture is reached, lemon juice is added and we test the pH.

Tastings are done to ensure that Latasha is 100% happy with the taste and texture of the relish. Then it gets bottled into jars.

Heat: Sweet & Slightly Spicy

Allergy Note

  • Contains mustard seeds.
  • May contain traces of peanuts.


Onions (47%), sugar, jalapeno chilli (8.4%), green capsicum, vinegar, lemon juice, cracked black pepper, mustard seeds, pectin. Contains mustard seeds. May contain traces of peanuts.



Servings per package: 10

Serving size: 34g

Per Serve

Energy 203kJ

Protein 0.4g – Gluten ND*


– Total 0.4g

– Saturated 0.1g


– Total 9.8g

– Sugars 9.7g

Sodium 4mg


Per 100g

Energy  635kJ

Protein 1.1g – Gluten ND*


– Total  1.4g

– Saturated 0.2g


– Total 30.6g

– Sugars 30.3g

Sodium 13mg

*ND = Not Detected


Refrigerate after opening and use within 8 weeks of opening. Always use a dry, sterilised spoon