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  • PreOrder 6 x Chili Oil

    6 x bottles of Chilli Oil


    A delicious medium hot oil infused with aromatic flavours and a delicate blend of chilli flakes. Good as a marinade for poultry and vegetables. Drizzle over salads, pasta and baked dishes. It makes a great starting oil for stir-fries. It’s also a good dipping oil or a simple marinade for meats, vegetables, pastas and pizzas.

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  • Full bundle of dressings

    Full bundle of dressings


    Give your stir-fries the perfect start; jazz up fresh and healthy salads; finish your dishes with a flourish; drizzle over fruits, cheese or ice cream are just a few of the things you can do when you have the full bundle of our dressings handy in your pantry.

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  • Sweet Pack Caramelised Dressings

    Sweet Pack Caramelised Dressings


    With this triple pack of sweet caramelised dressings, we’ve got you dressed and glazed for sweet and savoury, from starters to entree, main course and dessert.

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    This slow cooked, simmer sauce is a rich full bodied spicy tangy base to liven up your cooking repertoire. Works with all sorts of ingredients such as tofu, paneer, sausages, koftas, mince or any other veg, meat and seafood proteins. Made with a base of caramelised onions, paprika and tomatoes and combined with our bestselling vindaloo paste, this sauce is guaranteed to liven up both your kitchen and taste buds.

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  • Curried Greens Simmer Sauce

    Curried Greens Simmer Sauce


    This curried sauce is absolutely divine added to any proteins. Made with a selection of fresh herbs, leafy greens, and root vegetables masterfully combined with fragrant spices and crushed tomatoes.

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  • Twin Pack Low FODMAP Simmer Sauces


    Treat yourself or a friend with dietary restrictions to a twin pack of Latasha’s Kitchen Low FODMAP Butter Chicken and Rogan Josh simmer sauces. Designed to contain the per serve levels of FODMAPs appropriate to the low FODMAP diet, they are a boon to low-FODMAPPERS as adding flavour to their meals in a hurry is not always easy.

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  • PreOrder 6 x 250ml Glazed Balsamic & Beetroot Reduction



    This deep luxurious vinegar works well as a glaze with roasted and grilled meats such as sausages, veal, duck and beef. Also pairs well as a finishing vinegar for baked salmon and vegetables. Combine with extra virgin olive oil as a dressing for lentil patties and haloumi. Delightful drizzled over goats cheese.

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  • Turmeric Spice Magic


    A fragrant Asian spice blend perfect for salad dressings, vegetables, rice dishes, noodles, marinades, soups, seafood, meats, BBQs and added to curries.

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  • Indonesian Turmeric Simmer Sauce


    A simmer sauce for everyone! It’s hard to resist the mild and irresistible flavours this exotic Far Eastern inspired sauce is made of.

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  • Vegan's Glee Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Satisfy your vegan’s every food wish with a Vegan’s Glee Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen. It’s a moreish collection of sweet and savoury sauces, chutney, Southeast Asian curry pastes and lightly spiced chilli salt.

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  • Nut Free & Vegan Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    You don’t have to suffer from intolerances to enjoy this ultimate foodie treat – a Nut Free & Vegan Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen.

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  • Garam Masala


    A very hot and spicy hand blended mix made in small quantities using 20 top quality spices and herbs. (100g stand up pouch.)

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  • Twin Sweet Treat for Celebrations


    A fantastic, twin sweet treat for the special people in your life. This duo are definitely two of our most popular items and are usually purchased for gifting on special occasions.

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  • Bestselling Dressings by Latasha's Kitchen

    3 Pack Dressings


    We have you dressed for any occasion, with our bestselling dressings perfect to bring the wow to any special event.

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  • Low FODMAP Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce by Latasha's Kitchen

    Low FODMAP Rogan Josh Simmer Sauce


    A sizzling hot FODMAP friendly curry sauce made with fresh tomatoes, mixed vegetables, chillies, ginger and fragrant spices. This is definitely not one for the faint hearted.

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  • Low FODMAP Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce by Latasha's Kitchen

    Low FODMAP Butter Chicken Simmer Sauce


    This rich, fragrant and delightfully thick curry sauce is handmade using a medley of fresh Roma tomatoes, mixed vegetables, ginger, coconut cream and blended with warming aromatic spices.

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