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  • Latasha's Kitchen Yellow Mellow Bundle

    Mellow Yellow Bundle


    Feeling tense? Slip into a mellow calming mood with our award winning range of yellow turmeric based curries.

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  • Latasha's Kitchen Green Curry Bundle

    Green Goodness Bundle


    Under the weather? Stock up on our range of immune boosting flavours: Green is a restful colour with some of the same calming attributes of blue.

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  • Red Hot Favourites Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    If they like a bit of heat in the kitchen then buy them a Red Hot Favourites Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen. They will love this combination of red hot curry pastes with a tickle of chilli drinking chocolate.

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  • Seafood Bounty Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Seafood lovers will adore the Seafood Bounty Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen with it’s delicious collection of curry pastes, relish and dressing to match, lightly seasoned with salt flakes.

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  • Asian Bonanza Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Memories are sure to be made if you buy an Asian Bonanza Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen. Seven amazing Asian curry pastes, delicious chilli oil plus the aroma of Asia from a scented candle.

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  • Royal Festive Banquet Hamper



    Inspired by festive banquets, this Royal Festive Banquet Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen is quite simply the perfect gift for those who love to entertain on a grand scale.

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  • Bombay Dreaming Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Buy a Bombay Dreaming Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen and recreate the culinary treasures from the melting pot of Bombay’s food culture. Packed with a mouth-watering array of authentic curry pastes and ginger choc macadamias to finish.

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  • Vegan's Glee Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Satisfy your vegan’s every food wish with a Vegan’s Glee Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen. It’s a moreish collection of sweet and savoury sauces, chutney, Southeast Asian curry pastes and lightly spiced chilli salt.

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  • Nut Free & Vegan Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    You don’t have to suffer from intolerances to enjoy this ultimate foodie treat – a Nut Free & Vegan Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen.

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  • BBQ Box Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    All the goodies your BBQ connoisseur needs, starting with an award-winning curry paste and a rustic blend sauce/marinade. Fantastic finishing touches provided by flavoursome dressings, chutney, relish, macadamia snacks and an apron to protect the threads!

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  • Maharani Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Treat your foodie princess with a Maharani Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen. This royal selection of curry pastes and relish, is topped off with nutty nougat.

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  • Maharajah Hamper from Latasha's Kitchen



    Make him feel like a king in the kitchen with a Maharajah Hamper from Latasha’s Kitchen. A delicious combination of chutney, relish and curry paste topped off with popular cider.

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  • Garam Masala


    A very hot and spicy hand blended mix made in small quantities using 20 top quality spices and herbs. (100g stand up pouch.)

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  • Twin Sweet Treat for Celebrations


    A fantastic, twin sweet treat for the special people in your life. This duo are definitely two of our most popular items and are usually purchased for gifting on special occasions.

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  • Bestselling Dressings by Latasha's Kitchen

    3 Pack Dressings


    We have you dressed for any occasion, with our bestselling dressings perfect to bring the wow to any special event.

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  • Gift Card Latasha's Kitchen

    Gift Card


    You can quickly and easily purchase an online gift card which can be used to purchase any products from our online store.

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