The Process

Kuruma Masala Paste

A nutty and tasty mild sauce, great paired with chicken, lamb, beef, vegetables or boiled eggs. This is for Anton De Souza who first convinced me to start bottling my pastes.

Rogan Josh Masala Paste

Fantastic with Lamb, Mutton or Goat. Slow cook on stove or in your oven for tender melting results. For even better results, marinate meat overnight.

Biriyani Masala Paste

A perfect blend of zesty spices for a making a Biriyani Roast, Biriyani Curries or One Pot Biriyani Dish using either vegetables, meat or seafood.

Coriander Curry Paste

A terrific paste made with fresh, whole and roasted ground coriander. For those of you who like it hot, add more green chillies or crushed chilli flakes when cooking with this paste. This one is for Alison, Jason, and Robyn in particular!!!