The Process

Beetroot & Horseradish Relish

A delicious red relish perfect with grilled, steamed or baked seafood, meats and vegetables. Makes fantastic finger foods platters. Use creatively with sandwiches, rolls and burgers. Fantastic accompaniment on your table.

Cherry Chocolate

This sauce has a flavour combination that is just heavenly and can simply be eaten straight out of the jar.! Made with a beautiful balance of tart cherries and dark cocoa, it is absolutely delicious and bursting with pure natural flavours. Submerge the jar in hot boiling water and then use with chocolate, coconut or vanilla ice creams and Tuckers Natural chocolate crackers. Great for dipping fresh fruit, drizzled over pancake, pavlova, cheesecake, or lightly drizzled over mini cupcakes and little fruit tarts. GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2017 Australian Food Awards (AFA)

Red Chilli Onion Relish

Sticky and sweet! Great paired as a side relish with roast meats like pork, duck, poultry and game meats. Use as an accompaniment to sausages, burgers, rolls, wraps, sandwiches, terrines and even cheese platters. Fantastic ingredient to stir-fries, patties and meat balls. Mix with olive oil and tamari to make a magical marinade. SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2019 Australian Food Awards (AFA)

Jalapeno Onion Relish

Sweet and refreshing! Delicious spread over toasts, crackers, buttered biscuits with cream cheese, bacon or ham. Use as an accompaniment to hot and cold entrees and mains. Works well as a dressing in rolls, burgers, wraps and sandwiches. Consider as a filling or for spicing up any number of cocktail platters.

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