The Process

Green Coriander Sauce

A zesty and thick award winning sauce terrific for use in a variety of creative ways.

Thai Green Curry

Green curry paste also known as kreung gaeng keo wahn, is made with fresh green chillies and aromatic herbs including coriander, basil, white pepper, wild ginger and lemongrass.

Biriyani Masala

This perfect blend of zesty spices can be used for biriyani roasts, biriyani curries and one-pot biriyani dishes with vegetables, meat or seafood.


This mild and nutty paste is perfect for chicken, lamb, goat, mutton, beef, mixed vegetables or boiled eggs.

Green Chimichurri Sauce

A spicy, garlicky parsley sauce that hails from South America. Ours is a rustic blend packed with fresh herbs and ideal for a variety of use. Pair with with crushed fresh mango, strawberry, raspberry, pineapple or orange and drizzle as a dressing for roasts lamb, beef, chicken or duck.

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