Part 1: Why I like Latasha’s Kitchen products as a dietician

3 June 2016 By

I first met Latasha when working on a project analysing the quality of food served at outlets in Leederville. I analysed the recipes for the best-selling dishes from many outlets including Latasha’s Kitchen which revealed that the delicious meals from Latasha’s Kitchen were the only ones I could recommend to be eaten regularly, meeting both nutrient needs and not exceeding daily sodium upper limits for good health. The recipes she used at her restaurant formed the basis of Latasha’s Kitchen Concentrated Indian and Asian Curry Pastes and Condiments and they taste fantastic.

Some of the reasons I particularly like Latasha’s products are;

  • Rigorous high quality – of ingredients and product preparation.
  • Flavoursome AND lower salt – these traditional products have concentrated ingredients allowing dishes to be flavoursome with a low salt content per serve compared to other popular commercial pastes and cooking sauces.
  • Simplify home cooking – Latasha’s products let you skip the step of sourcing, buying, measuring and working out the amount of the ingredients you would need to make a tasty paste/sauce for your meal. Using the Concentrated Indian and Asian Curry Pastes and Condiments for everyday recipes allows busy folk to make delicious balanced meals as per the Portion Plate guide. Affordable, seasonal ingredients are my passion and these can be simply but deliciously transformed with Latasha’s Kitchen products.
  • Reduce use of takeaways – shop made/takeaway meals rarely meet our nutrient needs so occasional use only is the key to good health. Many of the recipe ideas I have developed can be used to make a tasty meal in the time it would take to order and collect a takeaway and for a fraction of the price. Take the leftovers for lunch to further boost your health and finances. Get the kids involved to learn healthy cooking skills to last them a lifetime.
  • Great for dietary requirementsAll products are gluten-free, and most products are suitable for vegetarians and some for vegans. Most products will fit in a lower sodium eating plan. Latasha is working on low FODMAP products too.
  • Excellent for those wanting to eat less meat as plant-based protein-rich foods (legumes, nuts and seeds, tofu and tempeh), eggs and dairy protein sources (paneer, yoghurt and cottage cheese) get transformed into delicious meals with ease.
  • Excellent for those wanting to increase fish and seafood – intake- fresh, tinned and frozen fish and seafood products can be quickly made into delights you can savour on any budget.
  • Unlimited Creativity – the piquant dishes you can enjoy making are endless. The recipes I have developed are everyday eating recipes. For a mix of healthy and gourmet, look in Latasha’s recipes and ideas where  creative cooking ideas can be found.