Part 2: Getting the balance right

3 June 2016 By

Let’s take a look at how you can maximise health and reduce disease risk through your food intake.

Our bodies work best and feel great on an eating pattern that includes minimally processed foods in abundance. This contributes significantly to managing a healthy weight, wellbeing and resistance to infection. Chronic disease risk is also lowered (eg. diabetes, some cancers, heart disease, high blood pressure, being overweight) and improvement of many of these conditions can be achieved through good nutrition.

Problem areas I commonly see at my practice, The Nutrition Specialists include;

  • Too much processed food with excessive saturated fat, added sugars or salt and too few nutrients.
  • Too little nutrient-dense foods, including vegetables, fruit and wholegrains.
  • Too much food or over-consumption of any food, even nutritious, can lead to excessive energy for your needs and weight gain.

A great way to improve your health is to have lunch and dinner that fits the balanced meal model, shown clearly in the portion plate image below and outlined in detail in my next blog (Part 3: The portion plate guide and recipes)

The Portion Perfection Plate reproduced with permission Great Ideas in Nutrition

The Portion Perfection Plate reproduced with permission Great Ideas in Nutrition

What are the benefits of eating meals using the portion plate guide?

  • Taste – Delicious! You and your family will enjoy full-flavoured meals while your body says thanks!
  • Satisfying  – Slowly digested meals keep you full and keep you mind away from processed snack foods making weight control easier. Meals made with these food proportions are generous, a happy result of the large proportion of low-carb vegies in the meal which are great for health and great for feeling full after eating, a win all round

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