Take it Slow this Winter with Slow Cooker Recipes

12 May 2018 By

Slow Cooker Surprises with Latasha's Kitchen AustraliaSlow Cooker Surprises

As the days get shorter and the temperatures start to drop there is one way to stay cosy and treat yourself and your loved ones to a delicious pick-me-up at the same time – that’s by trying some enticing new slow cooker recipes!

The beauty of a slow cooker is that most recipes allow you to put all your ingredients in at once, set the slow cooker on low and walk away.

With a little prior planning, it takes the hassle out of preparing a meal. And most slow cooker recipes are super cost-effective, as well!

And for the time poor amongst us, slow cookers are a must have – all year round!

I adore slow cookers and use them at the various events and product demonstrations that I do.

Slow Cooker To The Rescue

It’s a fact that Latasha’s Kitchen pastes go further than most as 3-4kg of protein can be used per jar and they are the perfect flavour addition to your ingredients of choice for the slow cooker.

Just take a shoulder, brisket, chicken, ribs or vegetables add chopped onions, leeks, spring onions, coriander stems, or fennel along with some Latasha’s Kitchen paste of your choice and you have a lovely nutritious base to kick start some flavours.

When using a slow cooker there are a range of staple ingredients that work best such as tinned tomatoes, coconut cream, tinned lentils and beans, fresh onion, fennel, frozen spinach, kale, peas or other root vegetables. Perhaps you have a go-to ingredient you use?

As for meat choices – try thick cuts of meats, like brisket, pork belly, shoulder of lamb, whole chicken or large chunks of maryland, goat shanks and other stewing meats etc.

Super Savers

Why not spend the day cooking up a storm and then freeze your efforts ready to enjoy another day when you are super busy? A customer recently alerted me to a Westinghouse model that features 3 x 2.5 litre pots in one appliance which is super affordable. I can’t wait to make a soup, curry and stock in one of these.

As for leftovers – pulled meats can be used to create delicious wraps for lunch the next day.

Or I have even known some people who love to make a casserole out of their leftovers. This doesn’t apply to every slow cooker recipe but it can work well with any slow cooked meat or roast.

Slow Cooker Facts

Slow cookers are generally very affordable appliances.

They can be a lifesaver in the kitchen. When using a slow cooker, delicious meals practically make themselves while you are free to tackle other tasks.

Slow cookers come in a wide range of prices and functions; finding the right one for you really depends on what you plan to use it for.

In my kitchen I use a 5 litre Kambrook model which allows me to brown and seal meat on the stove top which means sealing and locking in all the flavours first. Then I transfer the ceramic pot to its base and let it continue cooking at its pace. All in one pot cooking means less mess and less washing up!

I also love it when a slow cooker has a timer on it, whether it’s in the form of a timer or a choice between preset cooking times – these features are super helpful .

Of course there are also additional cost savings from using cheaper cuts of meat which are just perfect for slow cooker recipes.

The reasons for investing in a slow cooker keep adding up.

Recipes to try your pot luck

What is your go to recipe for the slow cooker? I have developed some delicious slow cooker recipes for you to try:

What slow cooker delights have you created? I know there are some home-cook geniuses out there who are constantly surprising us with your creativity. How about sharing one of your recipes with us via Facebook or Instagram.

Until next time. Wishing you many hours of happy cooking adventures.