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16 October 2017 By

Some of you may have heard of or be familiar with the low FODMAP eating plan. It is a scientifically-based eating plan used by people who need to trial a way of eating to manage their diagnosed lower bowel digestive issues.

FODMAP stands for Fermentable, Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols!! These are found in many foods and can be poorly absorbed from the intestine. As they travel through the bowel, the action of gut bacteria causes gas production, bloating, pain and altered bowel patterns in some people. Some of the FODMAP’s you may have heard of are lactose, fructose and perhaps sorbitol. Others are less well known and include names such as fructans, mannitol and galacto-oligosaccharides.

I regularly see people with the symptoms described who have been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome or other digestive disorders that research suggests benefit from a strict low FODMAP diet trial. If symptoms improve FODMAP tolerances are worked out over time to minimise restrictions.

low FODMAP simmer sauces

Low-FODMAPPERS always find compliance an issue as many of the traditional ingredients like onion and garlic can’t be used in cooking. Latasha has come to the rescue and responded to requests for two flavoursome Low FODMAP Simmer Sauces for the digestively challenged.

using low FODMAP simmer sauces

Try my recipes that combine the low FODMAP simmers sauces with other low FODMAP ingredients.

Lovers of spice will enjoy the spicy kick of the Rogan Josh simmer sauce. You can reduce the kick by using half a jar and mixing it with lactose-free yoghurt or some coconut milk.

There’s Roast Vegetables with Low FODMAP Drizzle Sauce, Low FODMAP Rogan Josh Spicy Tofu Bake and Low FODMAP Spicy Fish Curry.

The Butter Chicken sauce is medium in heat level which many will enjoy adding to their preferred vegetables and meats or vegetarian ingredients.

Checkout Pumpkin and Chicken Curry or Indian ‘Bolognaise’ with Noodles and Greens.

Kitchen supplies that make daily low FODMAP meals easier to prepare are:

Pantry cupboard

  • Latasha’s Kitchen low FODMAP Simmer Sauces, tinned tomatoes, coconut milk, onion oil and garlic oil
  • Spices including cumin, paprika, mustard seeds, cardamom and chilli for the chilli-tolerant, coriander, curry leaves, pepper
  • Sauces including soy sauce, oyster sauce, fish sauce, miso paste, tomato sauce and Worcestershire sauce, mustard
  • Rice, rice noodles, quinoa, corn tortillas, gluten free pasta, potatoes/sweet potato (½ cup allowance) and some suitable bread such as sourdough spelt or gluten free bread
  • Peanuts, pine nut, walnuts and pepitas


  • Fresh or frozen meat/fish, shellfish/chicken, eggs, tofu and lactose free milk and yoghurt
  • Low FODMAP fresh vegetables and/or a supply of frozen beans, carrot, broccoli (½ cup allowance) for example and fresh/frozen low FODMAP fruits
  • Fresh ginger, chives, lemongrass, lemon and lime juice, basil and coriander

Other tips

  • Use the full variety of ingredients available
    • If you are a meat eater use lean pork/chicken/turkey/seafood/varieties of fish/beef/lamb and game meats. If not, experiment with firm tofu, tempeh and the allowances of nuts, nut butters/tahini and legumes serves.
    • Try many of the vegetables on the list and try them raw where appropriate as well as cooked.
    • Experiment with listed grains you may be unfamiliar with.
    • Experiment with listed spices and herbs.
    • Make double the quantity of the dish so you have some for a couple of lunches.

Low FODMAP eating plan

Nutrition goals are the same on this eating plan as other healthy eating plans so remember the basic guidelines for lunch and dinner apply:

  • Large serves of the vegetables
  • Moderate serves of protein-rich foods, eg. lean meat/fish/seafood/chicken/tofu and eggs
  • Moderate serves of carbohydrate-rich serves eg. potato or sweet potato/ rice, rice noodles, quinoa or corn tortillas