Meet Latasha’s Team

At Latasha’s Kitchen we get things done by working with a team of people with skills we can rely on. Have a look at some of our team members profiles, all professionals in their field of expertise.

Clemency Nicolson, Accredited Practising Dietitian

Meet Latasha's team - Clemency Nicolson

I live in and love Perth after moving here for ‘just a few years’ in 1996.

Living in Perth allows me to work in a field I am passionate about, Nutrition, and easily follow my other interests. Now my adult sons have left home, one to London and one thankfully just a few suburbs away, I have extra time on my hands for myself and my husband. A big interest is regular swimming as movement in water I find joyous so taking a dip in the ocean or pool most days in summer and many in autumn makes me smile inside and out. Other interests include reading, tinkering around in my little veggie plot where I grow herbs and greens, walking my loving dog Alfie and of course travelling to see friends and family when time and our budget allows.

As a self-employed Accredited Practising Dietitian I enjoy working in a clinic with individual clients and also in a range of other settings. Through some work with restaurant owners in the City of Vincent I got to know Latasha. I was impressed by her passion for making quality products from scratch and also by the taste of the amazing food she prepared. She contacted me more recently to see if I would work with the Latasha’s Kitchen team to show customers how to use her products in recipes that benefit health. I happily agreed to do this and so now have information and recipes on the website. Optimising health through food is a primary motivator for me so this work is a delight. We have also worked of late on the low FODMAP range which I am thrilled are now available as gastrointestinal health is a major interest area of mine.

I love all the products however my favourite is the Zingy Tomato Chutney which has a hundred and one uses and turns the everyday meal or snack into the exceptional.

Andrea & Alby, braincells

Meet Latasha's team - Andrea

braincells is the Perth-based creative agency that designs and creates Latasha’s delicious-looking labels. They also assist her with branding and various elements of her marketing and advertising, including pull-up banners, marquees and flyers.

The team began working with Latasha in 2013. Andrea is Senior Project Manager at braincells and has worked closely with Latasha since the beginning to ensure the job is always completed appropriately. Andrea loves eating out, practising yoga and she’s currently learning to surf! She’s passionate about travelling and loves to try new foods and flavours wherever she goes, but one of her very favourites is Latasha’s Thai Massaman Curry Paste.

Meet Latasha's team - AlbyBehind Latasha’s fabulous branding design is braincells’ Designer, Alby. He works to convey the authentic, aromatic deliciousness of Latasha’s products! Alby is passionate about art & design and his favourite hobbies include illustration, karaoke and the great outdoors. He has a bit of a sweet tooth so Latasha’s Caramelised Balsamic Vinegar is his favourite product!

Jane Farrow, Clever Starfish

Meet Latasha's team - Jane Farrow

My name is Jane and I am based in Perth. I work in digital marketing, running Clever Starfish. I love to adventure, cook, draw and hang out with my friends, family and husband. I also like to paddleboard, swim and do gymnastics. Life is never slow. I love to help people and that motivates me to get up every day. I met Latasha years ago and love her energy and passion. We’ve bonded over flavour, the love of cooking for others and our work ethic. I’ve worked with Latasha for over three years and focus on helping her to communicate what her product and brand have to offer people. I enjoy being part of the whole team to communicating all of the benefits of the products and why people should try it and buy it. I’m a FODMAPPER so I am particularly excited about that range hitting the shelf! My favourite product by far is the Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney. It’s perfect on cheeseboards, in stir frys, as a marinade on veggies or meat and straight out of the jar. I even had it at my wedding.

Gina Ditrapani, Professional Copywriter

Meet Latasha’s team - Gina DitrapaniAs a professional copywriter, the opportunity to write for a food brand, particularly one as authentic and personal as Latasha’s Kitchen is such a pleasure. I am based in Brisbane and have been writing for a living for twelve years. I have been a single parent of two sons for all that time. While they were growing up, I had one fussy son and one who would eat anything. I kept things simple and stuck to the repertoire of meals I grew up with in my mostly Italian/Australian upbringing. Now that I can please myself more, I turn to brands like Latasha’s to get more creative with my cooking. Now I’m cooking for myself, I don’t like to complicate things. Latasha’s products help me generate incredible flavour with minimal effort and without having to keep tons of ingredients on hand.

I initially reached out to Latasha after trying her products and feeling I’d found home cooking Nirvana! I’d tried many other curry pastes in the past and found them to be lacking in personality and depth. Latasha, being so warm and kind-hearted, gave me her time and helped me discover other things I could do with her little jars of goodness. I mentioned that I’d love to help her communicate her brand’s personality to her website visitors and now I write regular blog posts for her. It’s not quite a year yet but I look forward to exploring more of the range and putting my experience of it down on a web page.

As for my favourite product, I particularly love Latasha’s curry pastes but the one I love and use most is Singapore Curry Laksa Paste. It’s just so satisfying! You can almost pick out the flavours of the individual ingredients in it. Whilst I absolutely adore coriander, this doesn’t contain any which means I can serve it to guests who don’t enjoy it. After all, coriander is the great divider!

My next purchase, I’m going to try Latasha’s Cherry Chocolate Dessert Sauce. It’s a Gold Medal winner so I can only imagine how lush it’ll be! Stay tuned for that blog post!

Denise Morton, Media and Communications Specialist

Meet Latasha’s team - Denise MortonI am a media and communications specialist operating Strategy Media – a professional copywriting and media consultancy based in Perth, Western Australia.

My passion is writing – I believe everyone has a story to tell and I love being the conduit to that!

I am mum to two gorgeous girls who are my greatest teachers in life!

I first met Latasha in 2012 when asked by a business associate to review and write website content. Since that time I have also written newsletter and social media content for Latasha’s Kitchen.

I love being part of Latasha’s team.

From the moment I met Latasha what struck me was her passion for her craft, her authenticity and uncompromising standards which flow through to everything she does; all the way through to her fantastic products.

Part of Latasha’s ethos is wanting her customers to be able to make and share good food with family and friends in their own home.

This is so true for me as I regularly enjoy making yummy LK curry with my eldest daughter. We always have a great time making this together.

There is no way I can name just one favourite LK product but top of the list are: Biriyani Masala Paste, Beetroot Horseradish Relish and Cherry Chocolate Sauce. The biriyani makes a flavoursome curry; the beetroot horseradish relish is the perfect accompaniment to roast lamb, and the cherry chocolate sauce is just delicious!

Lynne Stonehouse, Freelance Designer

Meet Latasha's team - Lynne Stonehouse

Born in Perth, I’ve known Latasha since she arrived here in 1994, when I was a colleague of her husband. Our friendship has blossomed over food, life, pets, baked cheesecake and cherry chocolate dessert sauce.

My husband and I love and live to travel. In 2017 we spent 12 weeks camping along the Outback Way with Tuffy, our beautiful red and white Basenji. We’ve also visited New Zealand, Asia, UK, Europe, Canada, USA, East Africa and Dubai. Travel has taught me ‘it’s the people that matter’. One of my favourite things is experiencing interesting design – from buildings, food, furniture, clothing, gardens, jewellery and performing arts. Which means visiting Open House Perth, Fringe World Festival, Sculpture by the Sea and Barcelona makes me very happy.

Since I stopped working in Marketing Communications, my support for Latasha has grown from helping at events and small design jobs to creating web content, recipe testing and being a general sounding board. Latasha’s Thai Red Curry Paste is one of my ‘must have’ products which I use to make fish curry from a recipe given to me many moons ago by her husband. Other essentials are Tandoori Sauce Marinade for Slow Cooked Leg of Lamb, Rogan Josh Masala to make a delicious goat curry, Indonesian Turmeric Kari and Date & Tamarind Chutney for their amazing versatility.