The Process

This perfect blend of zesty spices can be used for biriyani roasts, biriyani curries and one-pot biriyani dishes with vegetables, meat or seafood. SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2017 Australian Food Awards (AFA)

Homestyle Seafood

A spicy and tangy tamarind and tomato packed curry paste makes a perfect fish curry with a range of seafood. This paste is suitable for vegans and vegetarians and also works well with vegetables and lentils based curries. GOLD MEDAL WINNER 2019 RASWA Perth Royal Food Awards


A fiery paste great for slow cooking, stir frying and marinating beef, lamb, pork, chicken or chunky vegetables. SILVER MEDAL WINNER 2019 RASWA Perth Royal Pantry Goods Awards.

Eggplant Kasaundi

A medley of sweet and aromatic fragrant spices makes this wonderful savoury chutney perfect for so many creative uses such as dips for kebabs and added to caramelised onions and used in burgers and wraps.

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