There’s something about Mary

28 October 2019 By

She’s the unsung hero of a select number of solo owner operators and small independent family businesses in Australia.

We, who all started with a heartfelt passion, combined with a dream.

Imagining but not quite knowing or understanding, where to start.

To create a personal brand with ethos, that spoke of a certain desire, passion and belief.

My own journey too started rather unexpectedly 10 years earlier, with a phone call which morphed into four hours of conversation.
Unsung hero, Mary Regan

I couldn’t wait to meet her in person

So I had a quick trip across the Nullarbor to check out this lady and her family’s boutique manufacturing facility in NSW. With my late husband and young child in tow, I went with no expectations whatsoever. And there in Botany Bay I found Mary Regan, a no-nonsense woman concealing a helpful passionate heart who:

  • listened when many others didn’t
  • encouraged when others were dismissive
  • mentored, worked hard and went out of her way to make things happen.

Unsung hero

Now a decade on from our very first meeting I sit, ponder and reminisce our journey thus far. I realise there’s something about Mary’s inclusive approach, that drew me from that first call and a select few others to her.

Her style I believe, should be emulated, learned and encouraged – preserved – so it never goes out of date.

Mary, your small circle of premium Australian brands salute you and thank you. Without you and Phillip, many of us wouldn’t be here today.

You and your team are the unsung heroes, quietly beavering away behind the scenes. The honest truth is that many of us would have felt discouraged and unsupported, if you guys hadn’t stepped in when you did.

Some of us would have given up long before the first batch of jars materialised. Or, at the very worst settled for something far less superior. And that’s the TRUTH. Our dreams wouldn’t have birthed and that’s the brutal reality. You helped us scale at our pace. You’ve helped us grow our businesses. You supported us and made it happen all without drawing any attention to yourself.

Mary I feel you know this TRUTH I speak of; but you’d never acknowledge it for you are too modest and humble; and quite happy to let your premium brand producers shine.

So today I want to acknowledge you, Phillip and the team you have surrounding you and the business you’ve built together. With my heartfelt thanks for the exceptional work ethic, care and diligence and the goodwill you share.

Thank you Mary, Phillip and team.

From an ever grateful Latasha