Quick & Easy Vindaloo Curry

8 May 2016 By

Latasha’s classic vindaloo is easy with her concentrated vindaloo paste. You can have a wholesome and delicious curry in a hurry!

Please note that 180g concentrate makes 2 kg protein for 12 meals. There are 6 tablespoons in every jar and one tablespoon feeds two people. The recipe below is for 4-6 people.

    1. Gently fry half a jar of paste in 3 tbsp oil  with a cinnamon stick in a heavy pan for 2 minutes until aromatic, then add 4 tbsp white vinegar and cook for another minute or so.
    2. Add 750g diced pork, lamb, beef or chicken to the pan with some fresh curry leaves and salt.
    3. Combine the meat with the paste, stir for 10-15 minutes until the meat is well browned.
    4. Add two cups of water and salt to taste.
    5. Bring to a quick boil then simmer, covered, until tender.
    6. Add 1-2 tsp grated jaggery or palm sugar to taste.
    7. Reduce the gravy to a thick consistency.
    8. Garnish with fried curry leaves and drizzle with hot mustard oil or ghee.