More ideas for Latasha’s Orange Chimichurri & Jalapeno Relish

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Recipes using Orange Chimichurri & Jalapeno Relish

  • Spread it on steak and avocado toasts
  • Dollop it on minestrone and other vegetable soups
  • Stir it through angel hair or linguine pasta with crab meat, clams or prawns
  • Spoon it over corn on the cob and roasted sweet potatoes
  • Use it with baked beans, sausages and tomatoes
  • Add it to smoked duck or chicken and terrines
  • Garnish serving plates by mixing it with EVOO
  • Serve it on a ploughman’s or cheese platter
  • Turn it into dips and spreads by using cream cheese or mashed avocados
  • Marinade it on salmon or pork steaks
  • Accompany it with frittata, quiches and pies
  • Glaze roast pork or leg of ham
  • Combine it with sesame oil, tamari or ponzu and use as a dipping sauce for dumplings
  • Blend it with cream cheese, avocado, hummus and all types of cheese.

Heat: Spicy, Sweet and Earthy

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