Collaboration with Food Writer Dhanya Samuel

23 August 2020 By

I was pleasantly surprised when Melbourne based food blogger and content creator Dhanya Samuel, reached out to me for some collaborative work. In my role as a producer I often receive such requests from not just within Australia but also internationally from photographers, influencers, dieticians and many talented digital content creators.

Rarely though do I accept as budgets are limited to what we can do but I also prefer to work with honesty in my collaborative approach. By that I mean I like to engage with those in the industry that truly have a passion for my products and what they stand for. For example, those with an interest in Coeliac disease or Fodmap related issues or even those who:

  • champion traditional cooking,
  • love the art of slow cooking,
  • prefer using fresh locally farmed produce,
  • engage primarily with Australian made and owned small family businesses,
  • highlight small batch production and,
  • last but not least keep artisanal producers on their radar.

Dhanya for her part was keen to showcase to her readership and social media channels the value of using my products. Having being gifted a hamper with my products she was already a user and understood the value of my products. In addition her ancestral background and much to my delight her beautiful home cooking, styling and photography really resonated with me.

You can see more of Dhanya’s work in her recently published blog post – Keralan Fish Curry.