Ideas for Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney

13 June 2016 By

A medley of sweet and aromatic fragrant spices makes this wonderful savoury chutney perfect for so many creative uses such as dips for kebabs and skewered finger food.

It is ready to eat straight out of the jar or suitable for use in any cooking including the ideas below.

Eggplant Kasaundi PasteFood ideas for Latasha’s Kitchen Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney

  • Add to tagines, simmer with curries or any slow cooked stews for added flavour
  • Pair as a side accompaniment to pilafs, couscous, biriyani rice dishes
  • Turn it to a dip using cream cheese or sour cream and serve with fresh vegetable sticks or for dipping with Indian flat breads
  • Mix with cooked diced potatoes and peas and use as fillers for curry puffs, samosas or savoury vegetable tarts
  • Spread over pizza base and top with sliced capsicum, tomatoes, onions and soft cheese.
  • Dollop into wraps, burgers and rolls
  • Stir fry with one punnet of sliced mushroom, a tablespoon or two of Eggplant Kasaundi Chutney and add a splash of fresh cream
  • Pair with cheese and fruits like pears
  • Combine with mince to make meatballs, patties, rissoles
  • Spread on pizza base
  • Add to pasta sauce
  • Spoon into vegetable soups
  • Steak and fish burgers
  • Add to omelette mixture
  • Combine with yoghurt and use in burgers, wraps, rolls and sandwiches.
  • Use in combination with coconut milk or cream and whip up stir fries using chicken, prawns or veggies

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