Ideas for Latasha’s Orange Chimichurri & Jalapeno Relish

13 April 2016 By

Latasha’s Kitchen Orange Jalapeno & Chimichurri Relish is a lighter version of a traditional classic Argentinean herb sauce. This all-natural earthy and zesty chimichurri is packed with carefully selected ingredients. A gorgeous relish filled with bold citrus flavours, jalapenos, an assortment of fresh herbs, zesty orange and lemon juice and rind, garlic, onions, sweet paprika, cayenne pepper, mustard, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and red and white wine vinegars. Perfect used as a marinade, for stir-fry dishes, and as a table sauce for everything.

  • Sear a lamb leg/shoulder (on the bone or butterflied) or a chicken, then spread over Latasha’s Kitchen Orange Jalepeno & Chimichurri Relish before slow roasting on a bed of onions/shallots, carrots and leeks. Baste with white wine
  • Stir through angel hair pasta and shrimps just before serving
  • Use with seared scallops to enhance their delicate flavour
  • Serve on crusty bread, bruschetta or pizzas
  • Use to spice-up leftover chicken
  • Spread on steaks before cooking or as a relish on the side
  • Serve with grilled swordfish and tuna or on seafood platters
  • Stir through baked beans or vegetable casseroles
  • To accompany smoked duck and chicken, for a different twist on a ploughman’s platter or as a side to frittata, quiches and pies
  • As a glaze for roast pork or leg of ham
  • With grilled haloumi
  • In hotdogs, wraps, sandwiches and burgers
  • Alongside oven baked or grilled pineapple, corn and sweet potato
  • Lovely used to marinate seafood and meats
  • As a zesty dipping sauce for fish cakes, meatballs and patties