Coriander, Lime and Mint Chicken Curry

4 July 2019 By

This is one of those low effort but high reward recipes. I love the simplicity of combining two different but equally rich flavours and adding a few more fresh ingredients to create a flavour packed result in a short time.

This lime and mint chicken curry has fresh, almost floral citrus tones. With only a slight gentle burn, feel free to add some additional chilli flakes for a greater heat.

Ingredients − Serves 6

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  1. In a deep saucepan, add oil. When hot add diced tomatoes and Latasha’s Kitchen Coriander Masala Paste. Cook until the tomatoes break down, becomes soft and mushy in texture and melts into the paste.
  2. At this stage add the chicken and coat well with the paste over medium heat. Next sprinkle some salt and let the chicken simmer on  very low heat with a lid for around 20 minutes.
  3. Meanwhile in a glass blender place the mint, lime juice and zest, oil and Latasha’s Kitchen Green Coriander Sauce. Blend to a puree then add this sauce mix into the coriander chicken curry. Combine well and continue to gently simmer for another 10 minutes until the chicken is cooked.
  4. Serve with rice, and stir fried turmeric vegetables on the side.

TIP: If you enjoy a creamier flavour add 100 ml of Ayam coconut cream.